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Much more than a tax adviser, Alan Kitson and Company Limited can handle all aspects of taxation. Personal, captital gains, corporation (or limited company) tax and inheritance tax situations can be dealt with. Your tax situation is as unique as your business and the way it is run.

Understanding and complying with current tax legislation is daunting for many business owners. With Alan Kitson and Company Limited as your tax adviser, you will be notified immediately of any changes that are required to be made. This notification will probably be just informational, as we would be happy to act for you in all your tax affairs, ensuring that you and your company or personal issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Tax Services

We can offer help, by overseeing the tax responsibilities of your business, discussing and acting as the tax agent for your personal and inheritance issues. You will be notified of all the steps along the way to the best possible outcome for the situation. We can also act as your agent or your business agent in tax investigations, bringing them to a swift conclusion with your best interests in mind.

We can help:

Filing Tax Return Service

Need help with that tax return?

Tax returns are somewhat complex, especially if your business activities are not mainstream. Unusual lines of business can lead to unusual tax liabilities, though it could equally mean that you are pay too much tax.

HMRC tax

Your situation would benefit from a highly experience tax professional looking into your affairs and giving you the best information and possibly a tax refund, if not a method of paying less tax and keeping more back.

We would be happy to file your tax return and give you sound advice on what would be best for you.

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