Our Accountancy, Taxation and Payroll Services

Leigh Accountancy Services

Whilst some business owners look at outsourcing accountancy services as an expense they prefer to avoid, this is really a false economy.

Why? You may ask yourself.

Well look at it this way, if you add up the time you required for all the business activities (particularly accountancy services, dealing with tax and VAT) you require for running a basic business of your type, be this a bricks and mortar store, online store, international, national or local service, then would you have time to enjoy your life, go on holiday or be with your family on occasion?

Outsourcing is the best way to get support services to resolve necessary regular and/or routine business activities and legal obligations, leaving you to generate sales, provide services and market your company, aside from taking some time out to enjoy life. When done efficiently, outsourcing requires only necessary input and instructions where necessary, on how you wish to process an exceptional circumstance that has arisen.

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Yes there is payment for the services too, but offset that against your time, which is best used marketing, selling, servicing and invoicing for your business, and you begin to see that success lies in the time you put into your marketing and clients satisfaction in the work you have done for them. Success ensues and the outsourcing becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of the outgoings whilst income rises far more quickly then expenditure.

To this end, we continually look at our services to expand and adapt them to meet the needs of customers, based on the current financial environment. Changes by the Bank of England, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Budget News, generally mean some effects, positive and negative, to the UK financial structure from a business and personal perspective. Many of these effects impact on all of us in some form or another. Knowing what this impact is and how it affects our clients, is part of our accountancy services, so we can advise and minimise the negative effects and more positively, know when and how to implement the benefits of any changes.

With this in mind and knowing that many of these changes come cloaked in financial 'legalese', we translate the necessary parts so that clients can better understand what is required of them and the best course forward in their personal lives and business practices.

Much of the necessary parts are taken care of, in these are our core accountancy services. Click on the major headings to get more information about the service in the heading. Or conversely, if you find you have enough information to go forward with to meeting with us, then you can either telephone 01702 474882 or use the contact form


Getting to know you, our client, and your individual circumstances enables us to offer financial advice based around your particular requirements. Additionally, we will prepare and submit your accounts to the Inland Revenue on your behalf relieving you of the anxiety associated with this important and necessary element of your business.

Payroll Services

Payroll can be another area where time is eaten up. So out-sourcing this necessary task will give you more time and keep your workers and sub contractors happy. We can completely run your payroll service or cover any payroll function you wish to outsource, such as tax calculations, based on necessary information.

Company Formation

We will advise on the best course of action when you wish to set up a Limited Company. This can include alternative choices that may suit your circumstances better, or the optimum timing. The latter is something increasingly relevant from a taxation point of view. We will submit all necessary paperwork and either hold it on your behalf or send it to you once completed.


Taxation can be a minefield for you as a business owner and can divert your attention from focusing on your business. To smooth the way we can complete and submit Tax Returns on your behalf, or advise and assist with HMRC investigations or inspections. As your business grows so do the tax obligations and through knowing you and your individual circumstances we can anticipate these changes in advance to avoid unnecessary complications later.

VAT registered?

VAT registration is a common requirement of many businesses today. Dealing with VAT on a month to month basis, quickly gets business owners flustered. Worrying about the filing of VAT, submitting the correct forms, paying on time. VAT need not be like this. Leave it to the professionals. Alan Kitson and Company Limited can handle all your VAT, and even arrange payment from your account on the due date, so you get to keep the funds until necessary.

Business Advisory

Our business advisory services* include, but are not limited to, providing advice and assistance with:-

*Some of these advisory services will also apply to personal clients.

We are also listed in a number of sources throughout the internet such as UKSBD