Outsourcing Payroll Solutions For Businesses

Outsourcing Payroll

Growing businesses usually means a growing workforce and time to consider outsourcing payroll. If your workforce is small then keeping payroll in house may be possible. However consider this. How much time does it take to gather the hours each member of your staff has worked, allot holiday pay, adjust for sick pay and determine the tax payable for each individual? In addition there are the new Real Time Information or RTI rules to contend with, which takes up more time. There is a summary of the information here

earnings and tax

Most small businesses pay their staff or sub-contractors in cash so calculating how much you are going to need, taking a trip to the Bank to withdraw the funds (and in certain cases having to phone the Bank first to 'order' the cash) and then counting the cash and printing wage slips for each person is a time-consuming process. And that is a straight forward system. What if there are tax issues, severances, maternity leave, long-term illness pay etc., do you have the time to resolve them? Even in a straight forward payroll situation, it eats up your time. Time you could spend marketing your company, arranging meetings, submitting proposals or quotations, arranging onsite tasks and machinery, just some of the numerous tasks awaiting you in your day-to-day working life.

Time is money, and your time is best spent dealing with your core business. Outsourcing payroll, is one of the business support services that we at Alan Kitson and Company excel at. We would be happy to alleviate the stress that payroll can bring with it. You can rest assured that we will always be on top of any changes to payroll rules and ensure your workforce are paid correctly and on time, every time.

Payroll help is just a call away, ring 01702 474882 today. Start running your business not have your business run you.

Payroll Solutions

We offer payroll solutions for many business types. Just call us on 01702 474882 and get the ball rolling. All you need do is to supply the following:

Let us know how often your staff or sub-contractors are paid and we will do the rest. When we submit tax to the Inland Revenue we can also be advised when tax codes changes for any of your staff. After that the only time you will have to contact us is when pay rates change, staff leave etc. We will initially discuss with you which Bank, and how we will obtain the necessary funds.

We will do the rest; from calculating rates and tax to paying your workforce (by cash or Bank transfer) and supplying wage slips on the due date.

Each employee or subcontractor will receive a named payslip in a sealed envelope. Salaried staff will have details of the payment made by bank transfer directly to their bank account. Cash-paid employees will receive both a payslip and their wages. We will manage any shortfalls, queries or changes. Each employee on your payroll will receive, by the nominated date, a pay slip containing:

You can be assured that the real time information, will be relayed to the HMRC in compliance with current RTI rules.

If you like what you see and are ready to meeting with us to discuss your particular requirements, then you can either telephone 01702 474882 or use the contact form