Book Keeping And Accountancy Services

Book Keeping Services

Keeping on top of book keeping can be a distraction for many businesses. If your business is not large enough to employ an in-house book keeper, or you are self employed, then outsourcing to local book keeping services is an excellent way to offload your day-to-day financial record keeping.

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Alan Kitson and Company Limited, will lighten your workload. By recording invoices, receipts, purchases and sales, as well as reconciling accounts to your Bank statement we will keep accurate records of your income and expenditure.

Our book keeping services cover:

Allowing you to spend less time concerning yourself with everyday financial aspects and allowing you to focus on your core business

Accounting Services

Following up on the book keeping services, we offer full accounting services, which include:

balance sheet

The report is presented in a bound format for the company to keep. Alan Kitson & Company Ltd. follow up on the meeting, by contacting the company when changes are being forcast, by law, budget or company specific circumstances, thereby allowing the company to take the best course of action based on the changes.

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